Dreger suggesting Marner could be close to signing a 3 year, $9,500,000 deal

Bob McKenzie is back from vacation. Leafs Lunch is back on the radio. Dreger is slowly moving away from promotional golf tweets, and we’re getting back to the business at hand, and that’s that Mitch Marner isn’t signed and training camp opens pretty darn soon.

Dreger says there’s been some speculation that there’s been a 3 year deal on the table, with an AAV around 9.5M. Dreger thinks there’s a slight chance something gets done before training camp.
— James (@Account4hockey) September 3, 2019
So we’ll start breaking down tweet which is a summary of what Darren Dreger covered off on Leafs Lunch (if you want to listen to full thing, here’s the link.)
First, if the name of the game is speculation, it’s speculated that Darren Dreger has been pretty closely in touch with the Marner camp throughout this process, and has been sharing the information they would like to get out there. That fits with the fact that this is a very favourable deal for Mitch, and one that they might want to put the pressure on the Leafs to get done.
Building on that …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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