E.J. Johnston of 3ICE provides us with some more details on his new 3 on 3 league

Seemingly out of the blue on Monday afternoon there came word of a new hockey league coming to fruition in time for Summer 2021. They already had their TV deals in place with both TSN and CBS Sports, an partnership with ASM Global, who operate around 60 arenas in North America with and they had a prized format we’ve all come to love in the past few years, the 3 on 3 format that we all can’t get enough of in overtime.
The league also promises to fill a void of the summer months when hockey disappears from our TVs, but not from our hearts. According to E.J. Johnston, CEO of 3ICE, the plan is that as soon as the Stanley Cup is awarded, 3ICE starts touring. They’ll hit the road for nine Saturdays from June to August, being wrapped up before the start of NHL training camps, or before Saturday sports television transitions to College Football.
It very much seems like this league is going to happen, and reached out to E.J. Johnston to find out more.
According to E.J. the idea of building the league came largely from the success of the new …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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