Early Spring Training Statistics To Keep an Eye On

The Blue Jays are one of 11 teams to have trackman camera’s set up in their home ball park during Spring Training. Those cameras can provide meaningful data, even halfway through Spring Training. You have to look at the process over the results, things players can control. If a hitter has increased their launch angle that is likely something they have done on purpose. At this stage hitters don’t have that many at bats/batted balls so there isn’t much to take away from those numbers.
Pitchers however in some cases have thrown upwards of 40 pitches. If a pitcher comes out throwing 99 after never topping 95 before that is a significant change and something that could lead to a successful season. If a pitcher has increased their spin rate, this is likely a meaningful change and something they have worked on, either with a new grip/finger placement or are using a sticky substance.
Spin rate and velocity are both correlated to strikeout rate. Jeff Zimmerman’s recent article on RotoGraphs, came up with a formula to help determine a change in swinging strike rate based off of spin rate and velocity change. There is more to swinging strike …

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Author: Paul Berthelot / Blue Jays Nation

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