Exclusive: Colin Greening on his career, Kyle Dubas, the Marlies as the NHL’s 33rd team, and more

Over the course of what would turn out to be his final three AHL seasons, Colin Greening left a mark — both literally and figuratively — inside the Toronto Marlies’ dressing room.
It was on the night of June 14th, 2018, when the Marlies defeated the Texas Stars in Game 7 of the Calder Cup Finals on home ice, that Greening made an actual physical dent in the locker room. Greening, with the hardware in hand, was one of the last to leave the on-ice celebration and head into the Marlies’ beer-soaked celebration.
When Greening approached the Marlies’ rowdy dressing room, everybody took notice.
“It just got silent for one second because the trophy was coming in the room and everyone wanted to take a look,” Adam Brooks, then a rookie for the Marlies, told The Leafs Nation. 
Once the 6’2, 200lb hulking forward came face-to-face with his teammates, he just couldn’t contain his excitement.
“Colin just jumped and lifted it as high as he could and put a hole right through the roof,” Brooks recounted, with a chuckle.
Obviously, that hole in the wall would be patched up quite quickly. However, Greening’s decision to retire this summer leaves an irreplaceable void inside …

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Author: Jacob Stoller / The Leafs Nation

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