Exploring the idea of a Jake Muzzin trade

No matter what your feelings on the current state of Jake Muzzin as an NHL defenseman, it’s hard not to look at his $5.625M cap hit and wonder if the Leafs would be better off with Muzzin being relocated. From an actual dollar cost over the next couple of seasons, Muzzin is a bit more affordable. He’s owed $4M each of his remaining two seasons, and when you consider that he’s going to be paid his $2M signing bonus as part of that on July 1st, that means he’s only owed $6M over the next two years at that point. For a number of teams, that level of savings has some real appeal. Looking at Muzzin’s contract projections on Evolving Hockey, he projects as a two year contract player with a $4.062M cap hit, so while his pay is in line with what he should be getting, and potentially a bargain post bonus, his cap number is still a bit of a bite.
So beyond Muzzin’s cap hit, there is a second barrier to moving Muzzin, and that is his no trade clause, which prevents him from going to 10 teams. While there is no way of knowing who specifically is on Muzzin’s list, there’s a pretty reasonable way of extrapolating who will be on it, and it’s g …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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