Exploring the idea of acquiring Josh Ho-Sang

When there’s a good young player available for cheap, the Leafs should probably be interested, especially when they are going two consecutive years without a first round pick. Of course the catch is that the player available is Josh Ho-Sang and he’s not universally loved.
For a 23 year old who only has 53 NHL games to his name, Josh Ho-Sang sure gets talked about an awful lot. And for a player who hasn’t really achieved much in the AHL or NHL there always seems to be plenty of interest at least from fans when he hits waivers or demands a trade. The interest from NHL Hockey Ops people is decidedly less interested.
The thing about Ho-Sang is that he absolutely has the talent that earned him being selected in the first round of the NHL draft in 2014. The same talent that had him selected 5th overall in the OHL draft in 2012. The thing is, if it wasn’t for the other stuff he’d probably would have been picked a lot sooner in both of those drafts, and we wouldn’t have seen him clear waivers this week.
The Other Stuff
The other stuff can really be perceived …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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