Fast, furious, and fun: The Toronto Six debut season, and what it meant to fans

The Toronto Six inaugural season has ended, and though the team did not lift the Isobel Cup this year, by many measures the season was a resounding success. The team came into the league during a pandemic, in a strange time when the entirety of the season’s games were meant to be played in a short, 10 day bubble in Lake Placid. The Six had very little time together as an entire team to prepare, and yet what they accomplished was nothing short of impressive.
Before the season began, we ran a season preview with Head Coach and President Digit Murphy. In that post, Digit described the team’s identity and style as: “We play fast, we play furious, and we have a lot of fun.” It’s almost eery now, looking back, that those words also describe the team’s first season. Though they got off to a rocky start, dropping their first two games in Lake Placid, the Toronto Six quickly showed the other teams, and fans, that their identity was accurate.
Once they got their stride going, the Six dominated the pace of play in most of their match ups. It’s clear they have a highly …

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Author: Mer / The Leafs Nation

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