Five Takeaways from the Leafs exhibition game vs Montreal

It’s been over four months and I must say, it’s great to have hockey back.
Last night, the Leafs took on the Montreal Canadiens in a pre-season game. Despite it being July, the game was competitive and both teams looked good in stretches. In general, it’s tough to take too much away from one “exhibition game” but with that said, this was the first and only tune-up before the playoffs start. Sheldon Keefe and the Leafs needed to be in playoff mode, which gives us reason to find value in the different things we noticed.
Here are my five takeaways from the 4-2 victory for the Leafs. 
1. Nick Robertson belongs in the NHL
Two of the biggest questions heading to this game: Will Nick Robertson look like he belongs in the NHL despite being 18 years old? And more importantly, will he look like one of the Leafs’ best 12 forwards? My answers: Yes, and yes.
Robertson didn’t score but he was noticeable on many of his shifts thanks to his work ethic off the puck.
This clip below was probably his most memorable. It was expected that Robertson would …

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Author: Nick DeSouza / The Leafs Nation

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