Five thoughts on last night’s Game 2: 76ers 94, Raptors 89

Danny Green picked the worst night of the year to have a cold streak, and Philly stole home court advantage in Game 2. The playoff chess match is underway! The 76ers came with their big adjustments last night: Joel Embiid guarding Pascal Siakam! More Ben Simmons on Kawhi Leonard! More help, sent faster, towards Kawhi!
And… it worked! It screwed up Toronto’s offense juuuust enough for the 76ers to escape with a win, despite another excellent performance by Toronto on the defensive end.
Now comes the first real test of this postseason for Toronto: Do they have the counter-moves to steal homecourt back from Philadelphia?
Thanks, Jimmy, I Guess I Deserved That One
After Game 1, I all but called Jimmy Butler washed up. He didn’t generate good looks on offense, he was slow in transition, and Kawhi Leonard roasted him one-on-one. I thought my days of being terrified of Butler were over.
Well I sure was wrong.
Butler drained two threes in the opening minutes to give Philly an early lead (one it would never relinquish), had a four-point play before halftime (where he used the ol’ leg-kick on the jump shot to generate contact), and scored seven straight …

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Author: Josh Kern / Raptors HQ

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