Five thoughts on last night’s Game 2: Warriors 109, Raptors 104

No one expected the Raptors to waltz to their first title, and the Warriors proved those expectations correct with a Game 2 win.  Don’t let your guard down in the third quarter.
I’ve never seen an actual NBA scouting report, but I have to believe that every team’s scouting report on the Warriors must include that line. I can say with certainty it’s imprinted on the brains of everyone within the Portland Trailblazers organization — and after last night, everyone in the Raptors organization is intimately familiar with it as well.
Bolstered by an 18-0 run to start the third, the Warriors held off the Raptors last night, got the split that every road team wants in Games 1-2, and have given this series some juice as it heads West. On to the thoughts:
It’s Fine, but Also, It Sucks
The following things can all be true:
I expected a long series;
I knew the that the Warriors could (and would) make big runs;
I have confidence in the Raptors’ ability to win on the road;
I am incredibly bummed out and disappointed in last night’s loss.
I think it’s entirely possible to be in …

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Author: Josh Kern / Raptors HQ

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