Forgotten Raptors Playoffs: Morris Peterson gets the nod against Philly in 2001

Vince vs. Iverson? Sure, but do you remember the Morris Peterson vs. Aaron McKie matchup that swung Game 7? Welcome to Forgotten Raptors Playoffs! All throughout the 2019 NBA Playoffs, we’ll be looking back at past Raptors series — going all the way back to 2000 — and digging into the hidden, underrated, forgotten or straight-up wacky subplots and memories!
Today, we look at possibly the most well-remembered Raptors playoff series of all: The Eastern Conference Semi-Finals in 2001.
The Situation
Toronto Raptors (47-35, 5th seed; def. New York in round 1) vs. Philadelphia 76ers (56-26, 1st seed, def. Indiana Pacers in round 1)
The Outcome
Philadelphia defeats Toronto 4-3 in the best-of-seven series.
What Everyone Remembers
There’s a lot to remember here, including two 50-point games, but Vince Carter attending his college graduation the day of Game 7, and then missing the game-winning jumper at the buzzer, will never be topped.
What You Should Probably Remember Instead
The Raptors started a dang rookie in games 6 and 7.
That’s right, Morris Peterson, 21st overall pick out of Michigan State, who only played in three games in the first round for a total of 35 minutes, started the last two games against Philly — and played 38 minutes alone in Game 6!

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Author: Josh Kern / Raptors HQ

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