Forgotten Raptors Playoffs: The 2017 Milwaukee series that put DeRozan in amber

There isn’t much worth remembering from 2017, but this series was the best of times and the worst of times for DeMar DeRozan. Welcome to Forgotten Raptors Playoffs! All throughout the 2019 NBA Playoffs, we’ll be looking back at past Raptors series — going all the way back to 2000 — and digging into the hidden, underrated, forgotten or straight-up wacky subplots and memories!
Today we’re looking back at Toronto’s first-round victory over Milwaukee in 2017.
The Situation
Toronto Raptors (51-31, 3rd seed) vs. Milwaukee Bucks (42-40, 6th seed)
The Outcome
Toronto defeats Milwaukee 4-2 in the best-of-seven series.
What Everyone Remembers
Norman Powell reaffirming his Game 5 Legend status, and DeMar DeRozan dunking away a furious Bucks comeback rally in Game 6.
What You Should Probably Remember Instead
This series was a snapshot of DeMar DeRozan’s postseason career with Toronto.
The 2017 Raptors are kind of a forgotten Raptors team. 2016 was the Eastern Conference Finals run; 2018 was the 59-win, top seed, finally-gonna-beat-LeBron team (or, you know… nah). The 2017 team was reshaped at midseason, didn’t coalesce thanks to a Kyle Lowry injury (more on this soon), won a fairly disappointing 51 games and landed the third overall seed… and kicked off its postseason with …

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Author: Josh Kern / Raptors HQ

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