Fortnight on the Farm, Vol. 5

With the minor league seasons roughly a week away from the halfway point in their schedules, we’ve gotten a better data set about who’s building their prospect status and who’s more an organization filler guy.

Once in a while, you acknowledge the older guy who’s doing impressive work, as I have a couple of times for Casey Lawrence, but most of the time there’s some solid reason that leading your AAA squad doesn’t translate into the promise of major league success (I’m not telling you anything you probably don’t know). Still, props where due can’t hurt.
Triple-A Buffalo
You can’t be a Jays fan and not know about the latest chapter in the Nate Pearson saga, but for the sake of completeness, Pearson had been working his way back from the effects of mono and they had been going slow with him, his second and third appearances were on five days rest, and Sunday he was going on four and was surely expected to get up to three innings and 50-60 pitches. He made it through two pitches and then left the game with shoulder “discomfort.” So my daydream that he’d step up in the second half and bolster the rotation or at least provide a safety net for Kikuchi is ba …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation

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