Frederik Andersen has been okay, and that’s probably not okay

Ahh, how I did not miss this: the Leafs’ first extended losing streak of the year. Let’s all sit around Leafs Twitter and keep our hands warm on the flaming hot takes being thrown about in the immediate aftermath of this 18-7-2 team’s third-straight loss.
There was a considerable amount of criticism being thrown Frederik Andersen’s way last night and deservedly so for two reasons; (1) the Mason Appleton goal which made the game 4-2 early in the third period was an absolute backbreaker; and (2) Connor Hellebuyck showed us what it was like for a goalie to steal his team a hockey game, which is something the Leafs have sorely missed from Andersen in recent times.
I have a philosophy when it comes to evaluating goaltenders, which is admittedly subjective and simplistic: at bare minimum, save the shots you are meant to save. Anything above and beyond that would be considered a bonus: it’s what separates average goaltenders from great ones, and reliable goaltenders from the ones that make your stomach do flips when you see the opposition get a breakaway.
There was a time (before 2019-20) when I felt confident that the vast majority of …

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Author: Mark Norman / The Leafs Nation

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