Friday Future Stars: The 2020 Draft and the Leafs

It just doesn’t seem like June unless we’re talking about the draft. Normally by this time of year our site would be rotten with prospect rankings, profiles, mock drafts, arguments for the Leafs trading up or down in the draft, and the several dozen trade rumours of Leafs dumping players for picks which never materialize but give us the false hope and content we love to keep us interested in what is usually a pretty straight forward and bland process.
That brings us to this year and the mountain of question marks surrounding the draft.
The Draft Lottery
We know it will be held on June 26th, but alas, we might not know who the winner is until the play-in rounds of the rebooted playoffs are completed.
This could potentially be a consolation prize for the Leafs if they are booted in the play-in round by the Blue Jackets.
The format this year is as follows (via NBC Sports)
There will be three different draws. The first will be for the No. 1 overall pick; the second for the No. 2 pick; and a third for the No. 3 selection.
The seven teams done for the year were ranked …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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