Friday Future Stars: Who we’d like to see the Leafs take in the second round of the draft

It seems like there has been an absolute flood of draft content across the internet of late, and it’s in part due to the tradition of talking draft in late June, but much more due to the fact that tonight at 8pm Eastern the NHL will announce the winners of the draft lottery.
Tonight has the chance to go very unfortunately for the Leafs, as the Red Wings and Senators own the best odds for grabbing the top three picks. Add to that, the Senators owning seven picks in the first two rounds and the Red Wings owning 4, the Atlantic division will be loading up before the Leafs even get a sniff of a pick.
Of course, the Leafs still have a shot at regaining their first round pick. If one of the eight play-in round loser picks wins the lottery, and the Leafs lose their round against the Blue Jackets, they are potentially back in the mix for a very high pick and a very good player. Still, I think most of us would rather the Leafs win their play-in round and allow us to enjoy some summer hockey instead of going full hog on talking draft.

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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