Friedman hints that Pietrangelo and the Leafs might not happen, but they have some Plan Bs

With the draft just now to the point where counting down to it in hours doesn’t seem completely ridiculous we near what is without a doubt the most exciting week of the offseason. With that comes a lot more insider information (or noise depending on how you want to interpret it.) On his 31 Thoughts podcast with Jeff Marek, Elliotte Friedman shared some information that might be important to Leafs fans:

Also names Gudas, Vatanen, would those be players they look at? EF also believes if Tanev hits the market, Leafs will definitely be in on him.
Friedman can see them going in on two RHD rather than going all in on one big RHD.
— NHL Watcher (@NHL_Watcher) October 3, 2020

So there’s an absolute ton of information in those two tweets. And a lot more detail in the podcast. We’ll unpack it quickly because I’m sure the information will be completely different in half a day.
Pietrangelo’s preferences
So Pietrangelo wanting to stay in St. Louis is the least shocking thing ever. In the middle of a global pandemic, I can appreciate any player that can make the decision not to relocate. Throw in the fact …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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