From math to Maverick: Getting to know new Blue Jays signee Zac Cook

On a sizzling afternoon in North Texas, Zac Cook cruises down I-35 on his way home from practice with the Texas Stix, a team for whom he coaches. Wearing a pair of orange-tinted sunglasses and a black Stix hat, he’s relaxed and proud, even if the sports he loves is in disarray at the professional level.
Despite the ongoing issues surrounding MLB’s labour negotiations, Cook is feeling relieved and optimistic about his own future. Five days ago, he signed with the Toronto Blue Jays as an undrafted free agent. Regardless of what is going on now, with the global pandemic or otherwise, he’s a professional baseball player.
“Being a free agent has a new meaning now,” Cook, 22, told Blue Jays Nation. “I’m still happy with the opportunity I’ve been given and the way the team has received me, even being a free agent sign.”
On the day of the shortened 2020 MLB Draft, he was in Oklahoma City, Okla. coaching with the Stix. On Sunday, teams were allowed to start signing undrafted free agents, which they did with immense efficiency.
Immediately, he got a bunch of calls …

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Author: Hayden Godfrey / Blue Jays Nation

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