Game 1 Analysis: Kyle Lowry did his part, and the team let him down

In Game 1 against the Bucks, a heroic effort from Kyle Lowry was wasted by, well, pretty much everyone else on the Raptors. Unfortunately, Game 1 didn’t quite go to plan for the Raptors. For their opening contest in Milwaukee, it was close right up until the end; but with Toronto leading going into the fourth quarter, the end result is quite disappointing.
Unlike the 76ers series, there are not as many obvious key matchups to watch here for the Raptors. Until something along those lines develops over multiple games, we’ll stick with taking a quick look at some dominating factors in the game — in this case, a loss for the Raptors.
One Man Show
Kyle Lowry was awesome in this game. He posted 30 points (on 18 used possessions), mostly on the strength of not being able to miss at all. Throw in eight rebounds and that’s a heck of a night for the point guard.
But on a night where Lowry was carrying the scoring load, he wasn’t able to distribute much (only two assists to his four turnovers), which was likely the game plan for Milwaukee. Lowry punished them for that as much — and more than — as …

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Author: Daniel Hackett / Raptors HQ

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