Game 1 Turning Point: Kawhi and Pascal stop the Warriors’ run before it even happens

No lead ever feels safe against the Golden State Warriors, but the Raptors held onto theirs last night, as Kawhi Leonard and Pascal Siakam combined to quell a late Warriors run. It gets said over and over again, yet can’t be stressed enough: when you play against the Golden State Warriors no lead feels safe. It feels like sitting in a room with a time bomb, like sprinting along the edge of a precipice, a constant sense of dread hangs over any game in which the Warriors trail.
We’ve seen it too many times, if your offense goes cold the Warriors will get out and run, piling on points in increments of three. Suddenly your lead has gone from 11 to two in less than two minutes, and then the best shooter in NBA history, now feeling himself, stops just past the logo in semi-transition. We’ve seen it so many times that it feels inevitable. A team builds a lead by making enough shots to keep the Warriors out of transition, then they blink once, go cold only briefly, and they’re dead.
Everyone was waiting for it to happen last night:

what we know is the warriors …

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Author: Jacob M. Mack / Raptors HQ

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