Game 3 Analysis: The search for Toronto’s silver linings

The Raptors’ performance in Game 3 against the Sixers was terrible. But, believe it or not, there were some silver linings to be found. First off, Game 3 was awful. The Raptors’ offense was disjointed throughout, only saved by Kawhi Leonard for stretches (an increasingly concerning trend), and their defense was about as bad.
But a lot of that was just players having really bad games. Some of it was poor tactics and poor preparation — such as coming into the game with a plan to establish Marc Gasol as a scorer because the 76ers had shown a willingness to cover him with Tobias Harris. A good idea, except then they stuck with that plan even as the Sixers put Joel Embiid Gasola, leading to several wasted possessions trying to force offense through an unfavourable matchup.
There are dozens of examples of frustrating strategy like that, and many more examples of players simply playing badly. Gasol and Kyle Lowry passing up open three pointers repeatedly to make an unnecessary extra pass, allowing the defense to recover, Fred VanVleet seeming to forget how to play basketball at all, Serge Ibaka doing the bad kind of Serge Ibaka things, and so on.
But were there …

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Author: Daniel Hackett / Raptors HQ

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