Game 4 Analysis: The Raptors have solved the Magic

The Raptors continue to put the pressure on their overmatched opponent, the Orlando Magic. And for their efforts, they’ve taken a 3-1 series lead. It’s feels routine, but it’s a nice change for Toronto. As it turns out, this series has settled into a nice rhythm for Toronto. The Raptors have a commanding lead, have blown the Magic out in two of their three wins, and have started clicking on all cylinders. For any other two-seed, this would be a matter of course. For the Raptors, it feels like a nice change.
Now, there have been some common trends in the series so far. Let’s quickly touch on them here, as there’s not much more to learn from this series if it continues as it has for Toronto. And there’s no reason to think it won’t.

Lowry’s Turn Again

Kawhi Leonard got all the individual accolades from Game 4, and they were well deserved. He dominated to the tune of 34 points on only 21 used possessions, and generally filled up the box score, leaving the Magic with no answer.
Kyle Lowry, meanwhile, put up a measly nine points, on 14 used possessions (thanks to an …

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Author: Daniel Hackett / Raptors HQ

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