Game #6 Recap: Leafs face elimination in seven once again

It was never going to be this easy. It was always going seven.
And it was always going to be heartbreaking as the Tampa Bay Lightning found a way (though legitimately or not- don’t worry, we’ll get to that,) to stave off elimination and force yet another Game 7 for the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Much like Game 5, the game truly began with the Lightning getting the game to 2-0, the Leafs erasing the defecit, pulling ahead, then the Lightning tying the game. Unlike Game 5, there was no moment of heroic triumph that saw the Leafs move forward into the 2nd round for the first time since 2004.
And let’s be perfectly frank and honest here, the Leafs were robbed of the victory by the officials.
Yes, it’s a cliche of the stereotypical ‘salty fan’ to blame the referees, but objectively, all emotion detached, raw facts only: the Leafs were robbed. Lets’s look at it in more detail.
The Gifs:

Not going to change anything now, but sure looks like an errant call on David Kampf high-stick.
Replay seems to indicate Kampf got Foote in the jersey/shoulder pad, but it was sold well.
(h/t @JoshRimerPR)
— Frank Seravalli (@frank_seravalli) May 13, 2022

There you have it, plain as day, Foote sold a phantom high stick and the official bit on it like a fish on a baited hook. The level of complete incompetence from the officials in this league is disgusting to say the absolute least …

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Author: Dylan Murphy / The Leafs Nation

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