Game Two Thoughts: How the Bruins adjusted and took over Game Two

Game Two was one of those games that feels more important than it actually is. It was a textbook Boston Bruins win. The Leafs couldn’t get anything going offensively, the Bruins imposed their will physically, and they were able to bait Kadri into a suspendable act.
The Refs didn’t do the Leafs any favours either and were probably the reason why the game got out of hand. That’s the most I’lll comment about the officiating in this piece. While the Referees might have made it difficult for the Leafs to get back in the game, it wasn’t the reason why they lost. Therefore, in this piece I will demonstrate some of the major reasons why the Bruins dominated the Leafs in Game Two.
The Bruins defencemen adjusted to accommodate the Leafs speed
In general, the Bruins defencemen love playing aggressively. They aren’t scared to hold the blue line or pinch if it means they get to keep the puck in the offensive zone. In Game One, the Leafs were able to create foot races by placing the puck in behind the Bruins aggressively-positioned defencemen, as seen below. …

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Author: Nick DeSouza / The Leafs Nation

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