Getting out of Dunedin: Messing Around With the Schedule

So, reports are in that the Toronto Blue Jays will play their first two homestands, a total of 12 games, in Dunedin, which settles the border issue until at least May 13.

From there things are uncertain but this much we know, the heat and daily rain that commences down there in June puts an onus on the team to start looking for other options. Already there’s speculation about Buffalo which sets up the potential of being “home” in three different locations during the season, but let’s explore some more creative options.
Let’s start by recognizing that their best practical hope for management is that things resolve to the point that they could hold their “home opener” in Toronto on Canada against the Marlins. That’s the first of five home games in the early days of June. Doing this would mean their last game in Dunedin would be May 24, minimizing the potential scheduling conflict with the actual Dunedin Blue Jays and getting out of Florida before the weather is intolerable. But if we suppose that June 1 is too soon to be allowed to cross the border – about which I have thoughts but let me finish this one – then …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation

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