Girls Will Be Girls: A Look At The Online Female Fan Experience

In 2015, Morgan Rielly – a player I am a huge fan of and who I happen to think is a great guy – caught some deserved heat for bemoaning a Leafs’ losing streak by saying about the team, “you’re not here to be a girl about it.”

Morgan Rielly today said positive approach, strong work ethic during tough time was key. “You’re not here to be a girl about it.”
— Jonas Siegel (@jonassiegel) February 20, 2015

In May of this year, Brendan Leipsic and other men in the hockey community were found to be using derogatory, misogynistic language about women in social media conversations. This type of language and behavior is pervasive in the NHL, and it permeates out to the fan experience. It’s 2020 – why are women still made to feel like they don’t belong, or need to prove their worthiness, in hockey spaces?
The history of misogyny and toxic masculinity in the hockey community is no secret. In the past few months alone numerous examples have come to light and painted a clear picture of the type of language and behavior that is considered normal and typical – “ …

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Author: MerOutLoud / The Leafs Nation

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