Goal Analysis – Maple Leafs vs. Blue Jackets Play-In Game #4

This team man.
For 55 minutes, the Leafs had nothing going for them. Then they decided to turn it on in the final five minutes of the game.
That’s what is most frustrating with this team. Far too often this season the Leafs loved to pick and choose when they wanted to show up and play hard.
Post-game highlights can be found here.
Blue Jackets 1st Goal – Cam Atkinson (Assist Dubois, Merzlikins)

Dubois shoots for the rebound pic.twitter.com/Nqqf9iTlnZ
— Omar (@TicTacTOmar) August 8, 2020

John Tavares skates into the Blue Jackets zone and fires a low shot on net. Merzlikins kicks the puck out to Robertson on the right side of the ice. As Robertson goes to corral the loose puck, he blows a tire. Dubois grabs the loose puck instead and is off to the races. He blows by Holl before finding Atkinson in-front of the net for the easy goal.
Tough break for Robertson on this goal as he falls moments before grabbing the rebound. Not really sure what Justin Holl was doing on this goal. He gets caught flat-footed as Dubois picks up the puck.
Dubois and Atkinson come down two-on-one on Marincin …

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Author: Brendan Mori / The Leafs Nation

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