Goaltending is emerging as the offseason priority for the Maple Leafs

It seems like every offseason has a theme. Last year so much of the focus was on the expansion draft and a prolonged debate amongst Leafs fans about how much Kyle Dubas truly was going to keep the band together. This year we still have the “run it back” debate, although not fueled by a Dubas promise, and in lieu of an expansion draft, we’ll have to make do with goaltending grabbing the headlines. There seems to be pretty close to a consensus that Petr Mrazek won’t be back, and that makes the bigger question, what’s happening with Jack Campbell. Or as we phrased it for our roundtable question, Who is your realistic top choice for Leafs starting goaltender next season?
Michael Mazzei
The market for goalies this summer is pretty bare at the moment, and the only potential avenue that the Leafs could find something of value is through a trade. It’s for this reason why I believe John Gibson should be the top target. His numbers over the past three years have taken a step back and it can be a bit concerning, but then again the Ducks are in the midst of a rebuild and some regression was to be expected. The fact he was able to keep his SV% above .900 and his GAA fairly consistent speaks wonders to his talent level, and his numbers might improve on a more competitive team like the Leafs. Of course, the big question is whether he would accept a move to Toronto as it’s unclear whether he has listed the team on his NTC. But if they could find a way to make him waive it, Gibson is the clear cut target for the Leafs in net
Ryan Hobart
I’m torn between Jack Campbell, and a mystery box that could be anything; it could even be Jack Campbell!
Mark Norman
I love Jack. We all love Jack. I just don’t think he has proven he’s capable of managing a full season’s workload, and his multiple injuries last season make me feel we need a better insurance option. Ideally …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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