Grading each day of the MLB Draft for the Blue Jays

With the draft out of the way, let’s recap how the Jays did.

In this article, I’ll be going by each of the three days and how the Jays by giving a letter grade (with context, of course). Essentially, they got two first rounders and two second rounds on day one. On day two, they added a bunch of high upside relievers for less than the slot value, something they need.
On day three, the Jays shocked me by picking five prep players. Usually, teams will pick a high school player or two in the late rounds as a “hedge” pick. Essentially this means that if they fail to sign someone in the first few rounds, that bonus pool money could be used for the hedge pick.
I’ll take you back to Sunday, where the draft finally ended at 1:00 AM.
Day one:
On Sunday, the Blue Jays had four picks, the 23rd overall, the 60th overall, the 77th overall and the 78th overall. Let’s go through each of the picks one by one (which I won’t do for day 2 and 3).
23rd overall, LHP Brandon Barriera:
They shocked me by picking a high school pitcher with their first round pick, something the team hasn’t done since 2013. The last time a high school pitcher was drafted in the first round and signed with the Blue Jays was Roy Halladay in 1995, three years before I was born.

Here’s a glimpse at #BlueJays 1st-round selection Brandon Barriera:
— Thomas Hall (@ThomasHall85) July 18, 2022

Barriera wa …

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Author: Brennan Delaney / Blue Jays Nation

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