Happy John Tavares Is A Toronto Maple Leaf Day!

Well, “creation of Canada”, you had a solid 151-year run as the main reason to celebrate July 1st but I’m afraid all good things must come to an end and be replaced by better things. Today we celebrate the two-year anniversary of John Tavares coming home.
Tavares leaving the Islanders to sign with the Leafs was one of the most shocking events in NHL free agency history. For Leafs fans, it was sweet vindication. For years this fan base has heard it from other fans, saying “Leafs fans think every player is going to Toronto!”, and for the most part they were right: we went through this with Brad Richards, Rick Nash, Steven Stamkos, and various other big names over the last decade and a half with none of them donning the Maple Leaf. For a long time, the Leafs were in the position of being that person someone flirts with to get their partner to become jealous. Never a true threat, just a decoy.
John Tavares changed all that.
Elliotte Friedman’s reporting on How the Leafs signed John Tavares is a fascinating read. The article details how the free agency pitch …

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Author: Mark Norman / The Leafs Nation

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