Here are a bunch of pitchers in the Blue Jays’ system to get hyped about

Pitching, at its best, is a beautiful ruthless painting that deserves to be hung on a wall for people to stare at for hours. The grip. Deception. The wind up. Release. It is splashed paint all around home, sometimes it’s anarchy, pure chaos, and sometimes it’s precision.
Precise. Perfect. Powerful. Beauty.
I’ve spent hours this summer documenting the farm system, taking in the minor air, and here is a collection of my favourite pitches in the system, in no particular order.
Joey Murray’s ‘Invisiball’

There is nothing under-the-radar about Joey Murray!
— Ryan D (@RyanDifrancesco) August 14, 2019

Tyler Murray, the voice of the Fisher Cats, said during a broadcast that Joey Murray’s fastball is known as the ‘invisible fastball’ because of his high spin rate. He spins the red stitching on the baseball, until all 108 double stitches disappear. Hitters aren’t able to pick up what it is and that is why they are unable to connect on it even though it sits in the low 90s. It’s deceptive. It can’t be read.

Joey Murray’s ‘invisiball’.
— Ryan D (@RyanDifrancesco) August 8, 2019

All of Kirby Snead’s Spin

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Author: Ryan Di Francesco / Blue Jays Nation

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