Here’s some content on the Blue Jays’ fifth to tenth round picks: Tanner Morris, Cameron Eden, L.J. Talley, Angel Camacho, Philip Clarke, and Glenn Santiago

We’ve reached the point now in which it’s a little tedious to do a post on each of the players the Blue Jays select in the 40-round MLB Draft. Instead, I’ll round up their fifth to tenth round selections from yesterday into one post.

The Jays went all-in on position players in their second day at the draft, which is unsurprising given the fact they used their top two picks on pitchers. Remember, the second day is all about big-picture strategy. When selecting players in these later rounds, you’re often finding guys that will sign at the below-slot value in order to re-allocate that money elsewhere to a more difficult to sign player.
Toronto made a couple of punt picks here on low-upside college seniors without much leverage, but they also grabbed a couple of players who could be steals if they do manage to sign them.
No. 147: Tanner Morris
Much like Toronto’s fourth-round pick Will Robertson, the selection of Morris is mostly about the upside in his bat. He slashed a .353/.460/.521 line for Virginia this year in the ACC, which is one of the stronger divisions in college baseball. He was also ranked No. 104 …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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