Highlights from Kyle Dubas’ Big Week media availability

When Kyle speaks, we listen. Whether or not we agree remains to be seen, but we certainly listen and have thoughts on what he says. It’s in that spirit that we’ve gathered the highlights of his media availability and we can start seeing what he has in the works for this week. It will be a busy one. It might not be sign Pietrangelo, Hall, and trade a core player big, but it seems reasonable to expect we’ll have a new prospect that we like and shiny new defensemen, and from the sounds of it, some tough guys to cheer for as well.
On the Draft:

Kyle Dubas, on whether the #leafs will use No. 15 pick or trade it: “It’s really all sort of on the table right now.”
— Chris Johnston (@reporterchris) October 5, 2020

So this is a stance that I’ve become increasingly comfortable with as the draft approaches. As much as I’m giddy over prospects, the reality is the Leafs are best served by getting players who can help them now. Trading a first round pick definitely does that, but so does drafting a NHL ready player. And there is also the issue of the …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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