Highlights of Brendan Shanahan’s interview with James Duthie

If you’ve got 20 minutes and love anecdotes about parenting in the COVID-19 world, by all means, I encourage you to check out the full thing here. If you just want the hockey highlights and some takes on those, let’s have at it below…
“Are the players going stir crazy?”
“Most of the players have returned back to their home. Their places in the offseason.”
Honestly not a huge surprise that a lot of the players have fled their Toronto condos for their offseason homes, and that it’s largely based on where they can train better, as condo gyms are off limits and probably not going to cut it anyway. Being around a good support group will help, and Shanahan notes that the players have been pushing each other to stay in game shape and work on strength training, while Dubas has been the communications point person for Hockey Ops.
“How do you plan for the different scenarios?”
A couple of times in the interview Shanahan dodges the question about what specific scenarios he would prefer for the season resuming. His response is generally to support the format …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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