Hockey Parents, We Need To Talk: Looking at You, Paul.

Okay, we need to talk.
There’s a big problem in youth sports, which has now bled into professional sports: Parents. So much so, that minor sport organizations are now making parents sign documents adhering to rules such as, “I will not yell or verbally abuse the coach. I will not yell at my child while they are playing. I will not exhibit demonstrative behaviour.”
Are you kidding?! Do we really live in a world in which these types of documents are necessary?
I’m not talking about the parents who are laid back, take their kids to practice/games and allow their child to have fun. No, these are the parents who get thrown out by officials, constantly call the coach, yell like a lunatic on the sidelines and absolutely berate their kids post-game, in the car.
You guys; you’re the problem.
This started a while back, probably just a little before I got seriously into competitive sports. I’m not just saying it is hockey parents, either. This stems to dance, cheer, soccer, football, everywhere. Back when my parents played, they played for fun.
Let’s focus on hockey: There was no insane pressure to be the …

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Author: Rachel Doerrie / The Leafs Nation

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