Hopes of the Leafs picking first overall remain alive

First off, congratulations to the NHL for landing on the most interesting outcome for a change. My goodness, I might have been starved for hockey content, but the NHL draft delivered on everything I hoped it would.
Here is the draft outcome…
8th pick Buffalo Sabres
7th pick New Jersey Devils
6th pick Anaheim Ducks
5th pick Ottawa Senators
4th pick Detroit Red Wings
3rd pick Ottawa Senators
2nd pick Los Angeles Kings
1st pick TBD
According to the NHL, the eight teams that lose the play-in round of the playoffs will all have an equal opportunity to be selected 1st overall, the Leafs, who have a top ten protection on the pick they sent to Carolina have a shot at that pick, but otherwise will not find their way into the top ten in this draft. Presumably the Hurricanes will be cheering for the Leafs in the play-in round.
I’m not sure if that is what I want, and think the Leafs have a good chance of making a go of it in the playoffs, but if you want to read about why this wouldn’t be a bad thing, check out Scott …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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