Hot Takes From the Farm: End of Season Edition (Part One)

While I’ll be trying to give you creative farm related content semi-regularly (as work obligations permit) through the off-season, this will be the wrap up edition for the regularly weekly game notes format. I won’t spend a lot of words on preamble but i do want to put one disclaimer out there not just for this but for all the content going forward to the spring: I’m not going to mention or recognize very late season “cup of coffee” promotions because that can tend to distort the level of achievement for a given player. For example, I’m not calling Miguel Hiraldo a Lansing Lugnut because he played one came for them in the last week of the season. On the other hand, players that moved up a few weks abo, for example Cullen Large or Reggie Pruitt, that’s legitimate.
In these notes my main focus will be on players who finished strong, although there will be exceptions and what constitutes “finished” will vary in length depending on circumstances. Also, it only make sense to comment on any team member who is/was a highly regarded prospect.
Fun thing about this Buffalo offense – only five …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation

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