Hot Takes From the Farm: Week Seven

That whole large adult son thing is getting real in Toronto. Now that Cavan Biggio has joined Vladdy and Lourdes Gurriel Jr is back, all eyes are on Bo Bichette’s healing hand . . . and the calendar. Not only that, the trio busted out for a huge game on Sunday which can only give weary Jays fans something to cling to as they impatiently wait for the future to arrive. Of course, the future is taking it’s own sweet time on the mound. The (likely temporary) appearance of Jacob Waugespack on the roster – presumably only until Elvis Luciano returns from the bereavement list – is most certainly not any kind of answer. The player and team notes this week are a mixed bag, let’s dig in.
With another two homers this week, first baseman Jake Brodt is more and more making folks take notice. The system is exceptionally thin at first base so any positive news is encouraging but as a word of caution – Kacey Clemens looked great at Lansing in 27 games to start of 2018 and hasn’t hit a stinkin’ thing since he was promoted. Both were college players, 23 (a bit old for the MWL) and not highly …

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Author: Tammy Rainey / Blue Jays Nation

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