How can Auston Matthews score more than 60 goals for the Maple Leafs this season?

If there’s anyone who can break the Maple Leafs’ goal record in a season more than once in his career, it’s Auston Matthews.
The 24-year-old stepped into the unknown last October, not really knowing what could be possible in terms of his goal-scoring abilities. Although we witnessed his 41 goals in 52 games the season prior, not many knew if that was just easier competition or if it was going to be a continued reality.
As we know it now, and after his 50 goals in 50 games campaign during 2021, this will be a regular occurrence for a long time.
When looking at the season ahead, there’s always possible roadblocks holding him back from scoring more. It comes with every player — injuries, not being on your game all the time, and even playing with different players than the year prior.
With Matthews, though, we should all understand by now that he’s always on his game. Albeit, there are instances where he may not be playing well, like the 32 games last season in which he didn’t score a goal. But in the 41 games where Matthews did score, he put the puck into the net 60 times.
The 24-year-old scores a lot of goals, and in bunches too.
Matthews had 15 multi-goa …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

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