How do these trades affect the Leafs?

A lot has happened in the trade market over the past few days. None of it involved the Leafs. That doesn’t mean that it’s greatest impact wasn’t on the Leafs and it’s important we dissect these moves to determine how they impacted Toronto.
Let’s go through these four trades in the order in which they occurred to determine how impacted the Leafs may have been.
Andy Greene for a 2021 2nd Round Pick and David Quenneville
We’ll start off by looking at Andy Greene. There is no way the Leafs should have ever wanted Andy Greene on their team, so on the surface this doesn’t look like it impacts the Leafs a whole lot. Where it gets interesting is twofold.
First, the return for Andy Greene is absolutely bonkers. Giving up a 2nd round pick for ancient defenseman making $5M a year is pretty crazy, and serves to remind Leafs fans of what the potential return could be if they were to shop some of their players as sellers at the deadline. In particular, a healthy Cody Ceci might have value, but alas, he’s not …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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