How Does This Affect the Leafs?: Draft Day Trade Thread

Like it or not, everything relates back to the Toronto Maple Leafs. They’re like the NHL’s Kevin Bacon if, you know, Kevin Bacon had actually made a watchable movie or two in the past five-to-ten years.
Kevin Bacon’s declining film career aside, we’re in for a treat today, my friends. After an excruciatingly boring first round of the NHL Entry Draft last night – with a whopping zero physical bodies swapping area codes despite supposedly unprecedented “chatter” – day two has brought the heat in a big way before the second round could even begin. And given Toronto’s entrenched status at the centre of the hockey universe, each of these moves will leave an impact on the Leafs in some way.
Curious as to how? Follow along with this live thread as I break down each significant trade as it happens.
12:11 PM – TOR Trades Patrick Marleau + 2020 1st Round Pick (Conditional) + 2020 7th Round Pick to CAR for 2020 6th Round Pick
Hoo baby! Now, THIS is how you kick off a draft.

.@SportChek Player Alert: The @MapleLeafs have acquired a 2020 sixth-round pick from Carolina in exchange for Patrick Marleau, a conditional first round pick (2020) and a seventh round pick (2020).

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Author: Mike Stephens / The Leafs Nation

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