How good is a team made up entirely of players the Leafs traded away?

“Someone once told me the definition of hell; on your last day on earth, the person you could have become will meet the person you became.” – Anonymous
This chilling quote was almost certainly never made in reference to pro-sports franchises, but as a hockey writer, it’s my job to find a way to shoehorn anything I find into a narrative about the Leafs. If there’s one thing sports fans love to do more than pay $12 for beer it’s complaining about the trades their team has made. Whether it’s shipping off a fan favourite or trading away a 7th round pick that will surely become the next Pavel Datsyuk, every move the GM makes gets scrutinized.
But how bad is it really? Sure teams make bad trades, but they also make some good ones. So here’s a question to ask ourselves. Could the Leafs beat a team made up entirely of players they’ve traded away?
The Team
Let’s set some rules.

Only players still playing in the NHL can be used. This team won’t feature Wendel Clark, Tomas Kaberle, or whoever else …

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Author: Filipe Dimas / The Leafs Nation

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