How I learned to love the (rumoured) Muzzin contract

By now we know a couple of things.
The Leafs have a contract ready to go for Jake Muzzin, but do to the collective agreement the Leafs can’t announce it until March 1st.
The contract is likely in the $5.5M range, it’s for four years, and it’s believed to be front loaded.
Via Darren Dreger:
“I believe there’s an agreement in place for Jake Muzzin to extend with the Toronto Maple Leafs [at] four years just over $5.5 million [per year],” Dreger said Thursday on Insider Trading. “I believe it’s a heavily front-loaded contract extension for Jake Muzzin. It will have some variety of forms of trade protection. Now, because of the tagging issues – the salary cap complications the Toronto Maple Leafs continue to wrestle with, I don’t believe that the Maple Leafs will announce are going to announce anything until perhaps later this month or early in March.”
All of these things fall into what should seemingly be considered good news, but given that Muzzin is older and showing some signs of wear and tear, we might need to …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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