How many bridges has Marner potentially burned?

Does anybody even like Marner anymore? Like Red Bull tastes bad now because I associate it with this negotiation. I’m probably gonna have to change my insurance provider.
— Todd (@Totally_Offside) September 10, 2019
I’m willing to bet there’s a little hyperbole from ol’ Todd in this tweet, but nevertheless, here I am pondering its meaning.
Up until recently Mitch Marner was the happy go lucky, goofy hockey loving kid who has been adopted by Matt Martin then had his custody transferred to Patrick Marleau. He’s got the high energy smile off the ice, and the equally fun playing style on the ice. And he was a local kid to boot. What wasn’t to love about Mitch Marner?
Well…there have always been plenty of tales of highly involved father dating back to a CBC story on hockey parents that cast him in unappealing light.

It’s been speculated that he’s highly involved in the contract/financial goings on of Mitch, and that he might be the driving force behind some of the decisions we don’t agree with.
That doesn’t really change that the situation is one of Mitch Marner’s making and while …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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