How much Cap Space do the Leafs have?

At this point most fans are aware that the NHL trade deadline falls on August 12th, and it’s no secret the Toronto Maple Leafs are looking to add. The mystery is who, and we have some parameters on that. The general consensus is that the Leafs are targeting a middle 6 forward, most likely on an expiring contract. Many names have already been proposed, and the majority of them make over $3m, more cap space than the Leafs have.
I know at the deadline it can sometimes seem like cap space is made up, you hear things like a player with a $6m cap hit “only costing $2m” at the deadline. This has to do with the way cap space is calculated, I’ll try to explain without getting too technical. Cap space is counted on a daily basis, and unused space “accrues” to be used later in the season. A team that has $2m in cap space every day for the first two thirds of the season can spend $4m over the cap for the final third of the season, because their average daily cap space over the course of the season would then be 0.
There is a distinction …

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Author: Earl Schwartz / The Leafs Nation

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