How much will it cost the Maple Leafs to re-sign Jack Campbell?

Easily the biggest question mark for the Toronto Maple Leafs this offseason is goaltending. Jack Campbell’s unrestricted free agent status is going to make for a difficult but vital decision from Leafs management regarding the immediate future of the team.
Do they believe in Campbell as a long-term starting goaltender despite his age, lack of sample size, and injury concerns? If they do believe re-signing him is the right decision, then how much is it going to cost? And even if they do want to re-sign him, does it make sense to do it at the term and/or cap hit that Campbell is looking for?
Jack Campbell is a very unique case. He’s a high draft pick, selected 11th overall back in 2010 by the Dallas Stars, but has only recently begun to find success at the NHL level. He hasn’t made the money anticipated for a draft pick of that status, with his estimated career earnings less than $6 million (tiny violin plays). At 30 years old, this is likely the one and only chance for Campbell to cash in.
Although he is 30 years old, he has just one season, 2021-22, where he was the most frequently used goaltender by his team in the NHL. He’s split s …

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Author: Kyle Cushman / The Leafs Nation

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