How the Leafs can creatively bypass the salary cap

With the salary cap staying flat at 81.5 million for the 2020/21 NHL season, most teams are seeking out solutions for managing their finances and the Maple Leafs are no different. Because of the hard cap, rich teams like Toronto aren’t able to flex their financial muscle in the same way that certain MLB or soccer clubs can.

…Or can they?
Sure the team can’t spend over the salary cap and aren’t able to directly send cash to other teams but Kyle Dubas and co. have shown a willingness to get creative when necessary. We saw it most recently at the 2020 trade deadline when the Leafs received a fifth-round pick as part of a three-way trade that saw them take on 1.1 million of Lehner’s cap hit.
Having Brandon Pridham as an Assistant General Manager gives the team some insider information as he helped draft the CBA. Between that knowledge and the comical amount of wealth the franchise holds compared to other teams, there’s some potential to bend but not break the rules. While the Leafs have gotten in trouble for doing so in the past, unless there’s an official rule against what they’re doing, all …

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Author: Filipe Dimas / The Leafs Nation

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