How the Maple Leafs can improve their in-game experience

Is it time to move away from Hall and Oates? If so, what song would Toronto move to?
When it comes to being a Maple Leafs fan, the most important part of attending a game is the experience that comes with it. Whether it be the goal song, the commercial break fun, or the intermission content, it’s all important to the fan experience.
As we enter another off-season, there becomes questions of what needs to be fixed. Some might say change the goal song, others will mention making beer and food cheaper, but the biggest thing fans would want is less expensive tickets.
I don’t even think there’d be any debate for the last one. (One way to drive prices down would be hiring me to do intermission puns, according to our Managing Editor Jon Steitzer, and honestly, I wouldn’t mind that.)
The biggest part that needs to be changed is the ticket prices. There’s not a ticket you can find for a game that’s under $75 and that’s unfortunate. I believe everyone would agree with the fact that if ticket prices were cheaper, Scotiabank Arena would be much, much louder during games.
Unfortunately, though, the suits will …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

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