How To Build A Contender, and what that means for Frederik Andersen’s future as a Leaf

Goalies are voodoo.
The goaltending position is arguably the most important one on an NHL roster, but no matter the amount of talent, netminder performance is notoriously difficult to predict year over year. Bundling this unpredictability with the heightened risk of injury due to the physically demanding nature and heavy workload of the position creates a potentially perilous situation. Goaltending can save, sink or significantly sidetrack a season, and even with the right pieces in place, teams need a lot of luck to go their way.
Performance vs. Investment
If the numbers show one thing, it’s that money can’t buy you glove. Just one look at the ten highest-paid goaltenders over the last three seasons and their performance in two key goaltending metrics (EV SV% – even strength save percentage & GSAx/60 – goals saved above expectation per-60) shows that paying top dollar for your starting goaltender does not necessarily mean getting top performance.

Let’s flip around the view. Below is a listing of goaltenders who finished top 10 in either of the aforementioned goalie metrics. The data shows that high-end goaltending performance comes from all over the salary spectrum.

What if we looked at …

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Author: Mark Norman / The Leafs Nation

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