How would an early June draft affect the Leafs?

Throughout the past two weeks there has been an idea floated that the NHL will move up it’s draft and hold it in early June instead of either late June (assuming they cancel the season and the offseason stays on schedule) or following whatever bizarre conclusion we receive for a playoffs this year, assuming they manage to pull it off (for the record, it seems logistically impossible to do, but I admire their moxie in trying to believe it can.)
The appeal of the early draft is that it can somewhat emulate the success of the NFL draft, giving the NHL as many willing sports viewing eyes as possible before other more appealing things start returning and limiting their potential audience. Once you accept the fact that the NHL is not the NFL, and they won’t get 15 million viewers, it is reasonable to thing they’d get somewhat of a bump up, and might draw casual hockey fans into the draft who would have previously rather spent a summer’s night grilling, watching baseball, or doing absolutely anything other than watching boring old dudes call out the names of teenagers, have them walk to …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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